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New York, New York


Hi there!  I'm an NYC based DP/Producer.  I shoot, produce and edit most of my work. I've shot short films, web series, dance films, short documentaries and wedding proposals.  I work very well with others, but most of the time I'm a one man band.  I have extensive experience with documentary filmmaking and I work on international projects often.  

I'm always willing to go the extra mile and work long hours to create fantastic content that works and is highly effective.  Anyone who's ever worked with me will attest that I am an excellent team player, I'm very reliable and I bring the highest level of integrity with my work.  Let's talk!



- BMPCC4k (2)

- Rokinon Cine Primes 


- Gimbal stabilizers 

- 5tb in portable memory card/SSD storage

- Sennheiser MK 416 

- Luxli - Cello (2), Viola (1)

additional info

- Passport   (USA)

- Bilingual  (English/Spanish)

- Valid Drivers License

- BA, University of Texas - Arlington

fun stuff

 - Photography is a hobby of mine

 - I've never had a cup of coffee 

 - FOLLICLE is my passion project  

 - I prefer a bicycle to get around NYC

Contact me directly for full gear list  

brands worked with

note: I have a close working relationship with BeamBox Studio